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Briefly or comprehensively?

How to start this webpage briefly? I haven’t made any holistic statistic research on short forms of content but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim  that currently  short forms are very popular and one video spot, one picture can say more than thousand of words.  Just take a look around – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, banner ads, catchy titles on information services. To be simple and effective says one of the advertisement I have now on my desk. I don’t want to make here psychological or social analysis on that tendency as there are many other wiser people who have already successfully done concise research considering such topic. I just think that despite we commonly accept and utilize short forms we’re honestly already fed up with them. Unfortunately we have no choice, as there is too much articles to read, too much videos to watch, too much duties. Hence I predict that we’re about to start a new chapter of communication forms and artificial intelligence will be a key player in background…

OK, but we’re here we’re now, we have own mission. Moreover, our influence on political or big company decisions is very limited, that’s why I eventually started my small web place today and I hope that you dear visitor will find here something that is somehow valuable for you or at least you enjoy it.


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